About ARCHI-DEPOT Museum

ARCHI-DEPOT is a museum embodying a dual-purpose — “Exhibition and preservation.” Models manifest an essence of an architect’s thought and architectural culture. Established June 2016 in Tennozu-Isle, Tokyo, we are the only facility in Japan to showcase and store architectural models. Contemporary architecture in Japan has been garnering international attention for its high-quality design and technique. Many a model line up the shelves that fill up our exhibition area — forming a platform for Japanese architectural culture. Visit us to “see, learn, and enjoy,” the architectural culture of Japan.

Introducing the Exhibition

The Exhibition

The exhibition features architectural models—ranging from studies to final models—of Japanese architects or firms engaged in projects both inside and outside the country. Each designer’s works are organized in the units of shelves so that one could experience a variety of architectural works from the same designer at once. Since the architectural models go through a replacement period, visitors can enjoy new works depending on the time of the year they visit.

A Unique Experience

About a hundred storage shelves fill up the 5.2m high ceiling and approx. 450m² of storage space. Our concept is “to exhibit the storage itself”—Walk through the many shelves and enjoy a one of a kind exhibition.

Digitally Access Information on Architectural Models

Information on the architects and their works are accessible via a website specially designed for the visitors’ convenience. Look up more information—photos and blueprints of each model—by scanning the QR codes at the exhibition space.

Creating an Environment for Exhibition and Preservation

We uphold the following conditions to maintain an environment suitable for the exhibition and preservation of architectural models.


One key feature that distinguishes ARCHI-DEPOT from other storage facilities is the lighting. Each shelf is equipped with a lighting device that accentuates the architectural models from all four directions. The aisles in between the shelves are purposely dim-lit to accentuate the architectural models on display. We use LED light bulbs to prevent any kind of discoloration resulting from ultraviolet (UV) light or disfiguration from the heat.

Optimal Temperature and Relative Humidity

We maintain the optimal temperature and relative humidity (RH) year-long, for the preservation of the architectural models. Also, we are continuing our research alongside professional facilities on the study of an ideal environment in which to store the architectural models. In the case of a fire, we plan to use our nitrogen fire extinguishers to minimize the potential damage to the works.

The Concept

The Only Museum in Japan Specializing in Architectural Models

Architectural models are crucial in communicating the designer’s philosophy and deliberation and tend to be regarded as a piece of sculptural work with a high degree of perfection.

Combining Museum and Storage

ARCHI-DEPOT is a hybrid of a storage and a museum, functioning as an exhibition space as a well as a storage service for architectural firms.

Cultivating the Potential of Architectural Models

Archiving in the field of architecture and art has been gaining significance internationally. We believe in the importance of the cultural value of works by not only the famous contemporary architects but also the architects who are active in the field. We will continue to think of the best way to exhibit such works from the viewpoint of architectural firms and visitors.

Dissemination of Japanese Architectural Culture to the World

Architecture fans gather from all over the world, as ARCHI-DEPOT is an accumulation of Japanese architectural models. We are undergoing plans to develop various programs in promotion of Japanese architecture by implementing special exhibitions, as well as by cooperating with cultural organizations overseas.

Establishing a New Area for Art and Culture in Tokyo

ARCHI-DEPOT is located in a new hub of art in Tokyo, Tennozu Isle. Various exhibitions and events continue to be held in our venue, such as, “Tokyo Art Book Fair 2017”. Also, our surrounding venues include Terrada Art Complex and IMA Gallery.

Opening the Future of Architecture

To facilitate the public exposure of Japanese architectural culture, we plan to hold exhibitions and events on a regular basis. We will devote ourselves to improve the availability of data related to architecture for the students and also to the wider audience who are interested.

About ARCHI-DEPOT Corporation

The Corporation’s primary objective is to preserve and contribute to the development of the architectural culture in Japan and propagate its values to the international community. In order to nurture the future generation of Japanese architects, preserve the architectural data, and raise cultural awareness, our activities focus on the support of ARCHI-DEPOT. ARCHI-DEPOT CORPORATION


The ARCHI-DEPOT logo is designed by Kenya Hara of Nippon Design Center Inc.