ARCHI-DEPOT Privacy Policy

This Website is operated and administered by TY STOREHOUSE (hereinafter “the Company”). The Company recognizes the importance of proper handling of personal information obtained, and from a privacy protection standpoint endeavor to protect and handle personal information in an appropriate manner.

■Obtaining Personal Information

1. When obtaining and using personal information, we shall specify its use purposes and shall not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the specified use purposes (unintended use).
2. Personal information obtained will not be disclosed to third parties except in the following circumstances.
(1) In cases where information is required to be disclosed in accordance with the law and legislation.
(2) In cases where permission is granted from the individual to disclose personal information.

■Handling of Personal Information

By taking necessary and proper control measures, we endeavor to prevent or remedy unauthorized access to personal information, thefts and loss by improper handling, destruction, falsification, leakage, loss or damage, and violation of personal information.

■Disclosing and Revising Personal Information

Personal information obtained by the Company will only be disclosed upon confirming the identity of the owner of said personal information. Inquiries from individuals to revise/edit personal information will go under immediate review, changes will be made in accordance with investigation results.

■Privacy Policy Changes

The Company reserves the right to change policies due to legislative changes and other circumstances. Changes made to the Company’s privacy policies will be reflected on this Website.


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