Lecture Seven: “Design A Way of Being”


Lecture Series: “Future of Architectural Culture Designed by Architects – Value and Potential of Scale Models”
2016.9.28 – 2017.3.29

Architectural models are an integral existence in the architectonic world.
Every designer has their own unique way of creating and applying models, and the value of these models have come to change with every generation.
This series of lectures consists of talk sessions lead by guest architects. The lectures aim to provide an opportunity to contemplate architectonic culture, and the future potential of architectural models from various angles.

Supported by:Arts Council Tokyo(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Sponsored by: Architectural Institute of Japan
Cooperated by: Archi-Depot Museum

Lecture Seven: “Design A Way of Being”
Date: Wed Jan 25, 2017
Start: 19:00 (Open from 18:00)

■Guest Speaker: Masahiro Harada, Mao Harada (MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO)

■Navigator: Riichi Miyake (Professor, Fuji Women’s University)

■Venue: Gallary Space 【T-ArtGallery】

(Warehouse TERRADA 2F, 2-6-10, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002, Japan)

■Ticket price: 1000 yen (Includes admission to ARCHI-DEPOT Museum)

■To buy tickets: Please purchase tickets at the ARCHI-DEPOT Museum counter, or through Peatix.

■Limited to 80 tickets (First come, first served basis).

■Offered in Japanese only.




Scheduled Lectures: September 2016-March 2017

*Date and content of lectures are subject to change.
*Offered in Japanese only.

Wed, 28 Sept  Masao Saitoh (Professor, Nihon University/A-Forum, Director)
Wed, 26 Oct    Tetsuji Hirohata, Tomohiko Yamanashi (Nikken Sekkei)
Wed, 2 Nov     Sergey Malakhov, Evgenia Repina
(Samara State University of Architecture and Construction/Russian Federation)
Wed, 30 Nov  Kengo Kuma (Kengo Kuma & Associates)
Wed, 14 Dec   Kazuko Akamatsu(Coelacanth and Associates)
Wed, 11 Jan    Astrid Klein, Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture)
Wed, 25 Jan   Masahiro Harada, Mao Harada (MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO)
Wed, 22 Feb   Kiwako Kamo, Masashi Sogabe, Masayoshi Takeuchi, Manuel Tardits (MIKAN)
Wed, 8 Mar    Osamu Tsukihashi (ARCHITECTS TEEHOUSE)
Wed, 29 Mar  Akira Tatehata (President of Tama Art University)